5 Proven Methods to Improve Your Google Rankings

10 Proven Methods to Improve Your Google Rank in 2021 - Mike Gingerich

A regular user of Google search would be familiar with featured snippets. They are always at the top of search results. Google’s automated systems decide if the information on a page would be good to be shown first for a specific search item. 

There is tons of information on the web. But it takes Google just a few moments to sift through the information and bring out those related to what you need, presenting them in a most relevant pattern. This is through algorithms, one of which is Page Ranking (PR). These algorithms measure the content and links in your website to determine if it suits the search keyword and decide which page to place it on. 

For instance, a website that has just made a recent update on happenings tends to appear first when current news is searched on Google, but may not be required when searching for dictionary definitions. 

So if you use Google Ads, you need more information about these proven methods from a reviews platform like Luminablog to improve your Google rankings. If you require professional help in creating web content, you may need to look up SEO marketing companies reviews on the site.

Let’s now take a look at these methods.

  1. Use Google Search Console and Google Analytics

These tools could help prepare your website for top rankings. Google Analytics will help you compare your organic traffic to other traffic on your site, while Google Console will show you the ranking of each page on your site based on search keywords. It also alerts you to any bugs that may affect your organic search ranking.

  1. Post Quality Content

Google doesn’t patronize mediocre content. The things you put up on your website need to be relevant and accurate. When your page shows authority, expertise and trustworthiness, it stands a chance of being brought into the spotlight by Google Search algorithms. 

If you allow spam on your website or include invisible text in your information, your site will never make the top of the list.

  1. Increase the Speed of Your Website 

When search algorithms hunt for relevant information and your website is noted to be slow, it could be de-ranked. To increase the speed of your site, you can optimize or compress the images, use little redirects, and improve the response time of your server.

  1. Make Good Use of Anchor Texts 

While writing copy for your web pages, you refer to earlier information published by other sites. You should add hyperlinks to those keywords so that page visitors can easily click to access them. 

When your site is linked to three of four bigger sites, it is mentioned close to those sites. If you discover that any link(s) in your website is broken, fix it immediately.

  1. Optimize Your Site for Easy Navigation 

Google would not want to promote a website that is a pain for users. The search algorithms tend to lean in favour of sites that are easily accessible over those that aren’t. So you can start by optimizing the layout of your site, and structuring content into headings and subheadings to make it easier for users to find information on your page.

Ensure that the keywords in your query are found in your article. Avoid duplicate content and fill the new ones with information that lets people know you are an authority in the topic you’re discussing.