How to sell more real estate

When people are looking for a home to buy, they need to get much more than just a nice facade. It’s up to you to convince your clients that you have the property they need. To achieve it, use a custom instax film to immortalize them in front of the house or some area inside the house. Instead of handing them a boring business card, offer them a picture that reminds them of what they felt inside the house. You can include your contact information somewhere in the instant photo frame or use a QR code to give your clients something other real estate sellers don’t, a reminder of their visit to the property. You can do this with photos and videos you place in a folder using services like Google Drive or Mega, and share the link with your customer.

Don’t leave loose ends

There is a lot of documentation and requirements that your clients must meet to buy a home. In the past, real estate agents used to hand this documentation to people or put them in touch with their lawyers. Nowadays, people prefer to have everything digital to read in the comfort of their homes. In the same folder in which you place the photos and videos of your client’s visit to the property, include the requirements and documentation they must meet. Also, include private links to videos on Youtube where you explain how to obtain each document. This new method has two positive sides. On one hand, your clients can take the time to see what they need without having to ask you now and then, and on the other hand, you get rid of this “extra” work, which gives you more free time to dedicate to other clients or your family.

Keep yourself updated

If you have experience selling real estate, you will know what to put in the clients’ folders. However, there are always questions that people will ask that you may not have considered or that you included in the information, but the answer is not entirely clear. You must keep the information you give your clients updated as you receive feedback or new questions. You should also make sure that the legal information you provide is correct. Remember that sometimes laws change to fit new trends in the real estate market. Finally, don’t limit yourself to expanding the tools you use to help your clients. For example, you can live stream on platforms like Instagram or YouTube to talk about topics of interest to your clients.